NBS Sport Launch

Kin Kariisa, Joseph Kigozi alongside Sports Federation Heads at the launch of NBS Sport.

Celebrating the Launch of the Revamped NBS Live At 9

I am thrilled to announce the successful launch of the revamped NBS Live At 9, a milestone achieved through the dedication and innovation of the BOLD team at Next Media. After thorough research, brainstorming sessions, and meticulous planning, our team delivered the first edition of the revamped #NBSLiveAt9 that exceeded expectations. I am excited about […]

Wakiso Dance Kids to the World

The incredible talent and passion of the Wakiso Dance Kids deserves to be shared with everyone. The Wakiso Dance Group is a dynamic ensemble of 16 passionate individuals aged 2 and a half to 16. Behind the scenes, these young dancers dedicate their Fridays and Saturdays to training and Sundays to shooting skits. Their content, […]

Next Media and UNDP Join Forces In Pledge to Transform Uganda

I appreciate the United Nations Development Programme’s steadfast commitment to Uganda’s progress. Our collaborative journey has been marked by shared goals and a mutual dedication to positively impacting the nation’s development. Today, we formalize our enduring partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement signifies our joint commitment to championing a range of initiatives, […]

My Retirement as The National Association of Broadcasters Message

Today marks a significant moment in my life, as I stand before you to bid farewell as the Chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters Uganda. It has been an incredible 2 terms bisanja with further extension due to the Covid-19 period, as chairman of NAB and one as Vice Chairman, a journey, filled with […]

Empowering Uganda’s Youth: Next Media’s Commitment to #ICTJobFair2023

Today marks the kickoff of the ICT National Job Fair 2023, an event Next Media wholeheartedly supports. Given the unique demographics of Uganda, we deeply understand the importance of this initiative. Did you know that merely 3.7% of our population, less than 2 million people, are above 60? This astounding statistic highlights the youthful vigor […]

Next Media and ABN’s Promising Partnership

During my recent meeting in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, it was an honor to engage with Roberta Naicker, the CEO of African Business News (ABN), and her exceptional team. Our discussion highlighted ABN’s incredible strides, positioning itself as an industry leader akin to the eminent CNBC Africa. ABN’s ownership of CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa […]

Wisdom for Youth – A Call to Listen and Learn

Calling all youth! Listen up and take a cue from the wisdom of Luqman guiding his son. Be grateful: Recognize the blessings in your life, big and small. Gratitude opens doors to abundance and happiness. Value knowledge: Seek knowledge from credible sources and never stop learning. Education empowers you to make informed decisions and contribute […]

Forging a Promising Future between Next Media and UAE through Collaboration

Welcome to Uganda, Mr. Rashed Abdulkarim, and the esteemed UAE delegation! We are delighted to have you all visiting our Next Media Park, courtesy of our Ambassador to the UAE, Hon Kibedi. It was an incredible honor to engage in a productive discussion to promote bilateral relations between Uganda and the Gulf region and foster […]

Celebrating Uganda’s 61st Independence

As we commemorate the 61st anniversary of Uganda’s independence, it is a time of reflection, gratitude, and a celebration of our nation’s progress and resilience. On this momentous occasion, we at Next Media extend our warmest wishes to every Ugandan. At Next Media, we proudly uphold a commitment to our beloved Uganda through our diverse […]

A Day of Triumph on the Greens

Today was an exceptional day spent at Entebbe Golf Club, playing in an event graciously sponsored by DStv for Business. I am thrilled to share that I emerged as the winner in group A, achieving a commendable 37 points. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for making the day enjoyable and competitive. […]