Celebrating Unity and Pride during the Next Media End-of-Quarter Talks

We recently came together to mark the End of the Quarter. On this significant occasion, we collectively reflect on our journey towards excellence while embracing and honoring our cherished motherland, Uganda. The spirit of patriotism and gratitude filled the air as we gathered to celebrate Uganda’s 61st year of independence. The theme for this gathering […]

Next Media’s Commitment to Blood Donation

Every quarter, we take a moment for reflection and planning during our #NextMediaTalks sessions. This time, we’ve embraced a cause close to our hearts – blood donation. Blood donation is a noble act that saves lives and impacts communities profoundly. It’s essential to recognize that blood, a life-saving resource, cannot be manufactured in a factory. […]

Preserving Roots and Embracing Heritage: The Kabalega Independence Run 2023

Rarely does a plant thrive without roots. Just as Ugandans are deeply connected to their roots, the Kingdom’s culture holds great significance. The Kabalega Independence run on October 7, 2023, at Booma Grounds in Hoima, represents a crucial endeavor to preserve the rootedness of the people of Bunyoro. Our team was pleased to meet Andrew […]

Next Media Park at One: A Year of Impact, Partnership, and Progress

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the launch of our park, and I must say, it’s been an incredible journey. We are grateful for the opportunity to have a place we can call home, where our work and brands have positively impacted the community. One of the cornerstones of our […]

My Reflections on the NSSF Compliance Workshop

I was honored to share my experience at the NSSF Compliance sector-wide workshop, an event aimed at ensuring social protection for all Ugandans, specifically focusing on professionals within the media and journalism industry. Our most precious asset in media is our human capital—the talented and dedicated individuals who drive our organization forward. We understand the […]

A Warm Welcome to Our New Bureau Chiefs in Bunyoro and Northern Uganda!

I am delighted to announce the addition of exceptional new bureau chiefs to the #NextMediaUG team stationed in Bunyoro and Northern Uganda. With their commitment and boots on the ground, they are set to deliver unparalleled coverage and compelling content across all our platforms at Next Media. The team, equipped with passion and expertise, is […]

Exciting Changes Await You at Next Media

Dear NBS Sport Viewers, We have listened and couldn’t be more excited to share some incredible news with you. Starting today, September 4th, NBS Sport is embarking on a transformational journey that promises to redefine your sports viewing experience! At Next Media, your feedback holds immense value to us. We are committed to continuous improvement […]

Strengthening Bonds with VOA Africa

I had the privilege today to welcome Dr. Joyce Ngoh, the USAGM VOA Africa Director, for a productive courtesy visit to Next Media. It’s always inspiring to connect with professionals who share our passion for impactful storytelling and reliable news dissemination. At Next Media, we take pride in our standing partnership with VOA Africa. Our […]

The Remarkable Debut Presentations of the 2023 CEO Mentorship Cohort

As we witnessed our four exceptional CEO Mentorship groups’ inaugural presentations, I was humbled and inspired by the enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication displayed. These groups, namely Athari, Dynamos, Pamoja, and Watu, have demonstrated not only their commitment but also their profound understanding of our Company Culture. Each group ingeniously explained the significance of their chosen […]

Next Wowzi: Pioneering a New Era in the Influencer Economy

Today, we gather to unveil a visionary leap, a platform that embodies our commitment to reshaping the future. Welcome to the era of #NextWowzi – a dynamic, visionary platform built to shape and advance the influencer economy, underpinned by the transformative principles of Creation, Connection, and Influence. It is an honor to introduce this revolutionary […]