Exciting Changes Await You at Next Media

Dear NBS Sport Viewers,

We have listened and couldn’t be more excited to share some incredible news with you. Starting today, September 4th, NBS Sport is embarking on a transformational journey that promises to redefine your sports viewing experience!

At Next Media, your feedback holds immense value to us. We are committed to continuous improvement and are about to take a giant leap forward in making NBS Sport more engaging, informative, and undeniably thrilling!

We’re bringing you a whole new level of sports coverage to keep you on the edge of your seat. In-depth analysis that takes you beyond the game, exclusive interviews with your favorite athletes and sports personalities, and heart-pounding highlights that capture the essence of the sporting world.

Your unwavering support and love for NBS Sport have been nothing short of inspiring. Your passion is our driving force, propelling us to innovate and create a sports platform that’s truly exceptional. We’re deeply grateful for your trust and loyalty.

So, don’t miss a moment! Keep watching NBS Sport, and join us on this incredible journey as we champion Ugandan sport like never before. Together, we’re set to create sports history!

Thank you for being a part of the NBS Sport family.



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