NAB Meeting with Media Council of Uganda and UCC

Today, as the Chairman of NAB Uganda, I had the privilege of leading our team in a meeting with the MEDIA Council of Uganda and Uganda Communications Commission, where we discussed several key issues affecting the media industry, including the proposed Classifications of Film in Uganda.

This was one of the main topics of discussion – we in the media need to responsibly broadcast content that shapes our people, especially the youth, without eroding our Country’s cultural values. The classifications will help in protecting and promoting our local content industry.

We emphasized the need for NAB-Uganda to be extensively involved in the decision-making processes as policies and laws that affect the media are being enacted and developed, especially the ongoing legal review and intended amendments to the media laws.

We also discussed the opportunities and challenges facing the media industry in Uganda. We are committed to working together with our regulators to continue to grow the media industry and make it a source of pride for our country.

As we work towards Transforming Uganda, it is important that we collaborate and engage with our regulators to ensure that the media industry is operating in a responsible and effective manner. We look forward to continuing these discussions and working together.

Thank you to the Media Council and UCC for your time and efforts in working with us to improve the media industry in #Uganda. NAB will continue to ensure that the media sector is a vital component of Uganda’s development. #NABUganda #TransformingUganda



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