Next Media and UNDP Join Forces In Pledge to Transform Uganda

I appreciate the United Nations Development Programme’s steadfast commitment to Uganda’s progress. Our collaborative journey has been marked by shared goals and a mutual dedication to positively impacting the nation’s development.

Today, we formalize our enduring partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement signifies our joint commitment to championing a range of initiatives, including the achievement of sustainable development goals, advocacy for climate change, content creation, and support for youth and women programs.

This collaboration is far from new; it has been a driving force since the onset of the COVID era. Together with UNDP, we have successfully undertaken various projects geared towards supporting the country’s development and capacity building for the masses. The UNDP KOICA Project, UNDP Nakapiripirit Project, UNDP Owino Project, and UNDP Makerere Project stand as testaments to our shared efforts in fostering positive change.

I express my sincere gratitude to UNDP Resident Representative Elsie Attafuah. Under her exceptional leadership, we have achieved significant milestones, particularly in impacting women’s and youth’s lives.

As we embark on this new partnership chapter, we look forward to achieving even more significant milestones, creating impactful content, and supporting initiatives that will lead Uganda towards a brighter and more sustainable future.



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