Next Media January 2023 Next Media Talks

‘Embracing Change’ was our theme today as we held the January #NextMediaTalks and I had the opportunity to speak to our People on it in line with our 2023 focus towards the digital agenda. The #Uganda-n media industry is constantly evolving, making it crucial for us to stay ahead of the curve. From the rapid changes in technology to those in consumer behaviour, we cannot afford to be just another statistic on how great companies failed to adapt and got overtaken – we want to be at the forefront of innovation, serving an audience that is a lot more than those we are great at serving on traditional media currently.

As we have all already heard severally, the future is digital and we are taking action now to ensure that we are ready for it. My congratulations go out to our January 2023 Transformers of the Month, and to all the Transformers that put in the work to ensure we made the most of our transition period so far. May 2023 be yet another year of success. It is execution time! #NextMediaUG



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