Next Radio Relaunched!

Success never comes by luck alone and not by mistake. Next Media’s success is built around our intention to transform our motherland, to make Uganda better than it is today through what we know best. 

The Group’s key focus for 2022 is an effective culture of high performance, and we know that our best indicator is how well we satisfy our audiences. We have done our research, analysed the numbers, and moved to relaunch this special brand. 

Considering the shifts in our audience’s choice drivers, we have realigned some of our existing talents, gone into the market and acquired talent that fits perfectly. We are confident that we will dominate and storm the top soon with these on board. 

I now call on you to be part of our story by tuning into Next Radio on 106.1 FM, MTN’s Pulse Radio, Afro Mobile, DStv Channel 898, and StarTimes Channel 243. 



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