I Never Solve a problem twice

Receiving and award

The leader

Growth can be messy, and I believe leaders ought to be open to discussion to achieve permanent solutions to each problem that arises – I never solve a problem twice. This contributes greatly to organizational culture, a highly effective ingredient in executing Strategy. 

The Golfer

The confidence and hunger needed to be good at Golf, especially as it is a sport that in itself demands a mindset of continuous improvement, makes this my perfect go-to hobby away from the boardrooms.


The Strategist

I am a Statistician that found the media a great platform to contribute to the growth of my motherland. Along my journey, I have learnt that leading the People I work with, especially with a great Culture, is the best foundation for any strategy one chooses for their business.

Mentor Ship

The Mentor

Businesses today need high performers – of course – but they also need high-potential persons. Focussing on the latter alone is not cost-effective, especially with the number of opportunities for professionals today. Leaders today do well to supplement high performers with high-potential persons for business continuity, especially if we identify the latter’s strengths and enable them to grow.

Wakiso Dance Kids to the World

The incredible talent and passion of the Wakiso Dance Kids deserves to be shared with everyone. The Wakiso Dance Group is a dynamic ensemble of