Partnering for a Malaria-Free Uganda: My Productive Meeting with Key Stakeholders

I have just had an incredibly productive meeting with the leadership and key stakeholders of the Malaria Free Uganda Board. We discussed actionable proposals on how Malaria Free Uganda, the Ecobank Foundation, and #NextMediaUG can partner in the Zero Malaria by 2030 campaign.

The meeting’s focus was on how we can work together to, among others, foster Ugandans’ ownership of the Malaria challenge we have, and use our diverse capabilities and platforms to create and distribute relatable messages on malaria across the country. It is always truly inspiring to see so many passionate individuals working towards a common goal. At Next Media, we firmly believe that with partnerships like these, the possibility of having a Malaria-free Ugandan workforce comes closer to being a reality. This aligns perfectly with our ‘We Inform to Transform’ mission, and we are proud to be a part of such an impactful initiative.

We shall continue to work closely with Malaria Free Uganda and the Ecobank Foundation to drive awareness and action towards a Malaria-free Uganda by 2030. #MalariaFreeUganda #NextMediaUG



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