Sowing the Seeds of Change: Next Media’s Pledge to plant 15 Million Trees

When we celebrated NBS TV’s 15th anniversary in June 2023, we knew it was a moment to reflect on our journey and renew our commitment to impact Uganda positively. One of the most inspiring pledges we made during that milestone was our commitment to the “15 Million Trees” campaign. This project resonates deeply and reflects our dedication to a greener Uganda.

Our mission is clear: We aim to plant a remarkable 15 million trees across Uganda over the next three years. The core objective of this campaign is to shed light on the vital importance of carbon emissions and to address the pressing issue of climate change.

But it’s about more than just planting trees; it’s about empowering communities to actively engage in sustainable tree planting and nurturing stronger bonds among us all, inspiring collective action for a greener, more resilient tomorrow.

This ambitious vision is something we’re tackling with help. We believe in the power of collaboration, so we’re partnering with local governments, NGOs, and environmental organizations. We’re reaching out to schools, corporations, and volunteers, inviting everyone to join hands and hearts in this endeavor.

This commitment to environmental causes is not new for Next Media. We’ve always strived to make a positive impact. Whether it was our “TuveKukaveera” campaign, which fought single-use plastics, or our ongoing initiative, “Taasa Obutonde – Our Environment Our Responsibility,” dedicated to educating Ugandans about the three Rs (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle), we’ve always been at the forefront of change. Our latest endeavor, the “15 Million Trees” campaign, is another step towards a more sustainable future.

One of the most significant moments of this journey was our meeting with the National Forestry Association. There, we discussed how we could work together to make this campaign successful and fruitful in making Uganda greener. Tom Okello, the Executive Director of the National Forestry Association, shared his insight, stating, “The world is grappling with challenges caused by climate change.

I’m filled with hope and determination as we embark on this journey. Together, we can nurture a brighter, greener tomorrow for Uganda and the world. It’s not just about planting trees; it’s about planting hope.



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