Welcome to the Park, Ms. Jenifer Bamuturaki!

I just wrapped up a productive business meeting with Jenifer Bamuturaki, the Uganda Airlines CEO, discussing potential partnerships and collaborations between our companies. We at the #NextMediaPark are excited to see what the future holds! #NextMediaUG   

Official Launch of our forever home, Next Media Park

The Next Media journey to-date is also very much about the viewers, listeners, readers and partners that have tremendously consumed our products over the years. Thank you! We promise you even more informative, transformational and engaging content from the #NextMediaPark. I thank all of you that have reached out to congratulate us on the milestone […]

Uganda Revenue Authority Visit to Next Media Park

Building #Uganda remains the top-most drive behind everything we do at Next Media, and I believe a good tax-paying culture will ALWAYS be key in actualizing the ideas we all have for our motherland. Thank you, Uganda Revenue Authority leadership members, for visiting the Next Media Park.  The insights we shared are great. I am very certain […]