The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Meets with President Museveni

I am thrilled to share wonderful news for Uganda’s media landscape. President Kaguta Museveni has reversed the directive limiting the Government of Uganda’s advertising to UBC.

This pivotal decision, achieved after discussions with NAB Uganda and media executives, marks a triumph for media diversity.

This shift fosters healthy competition, recognizing all media entities’ role in shaping our nation’s narrative. I thank President Museveni for considering NAB’s insights and affirming the media’s constructive role.

Appreciation extends to the government team, including the Prime Minister, Attorney General, Ministers of ICT and Finance, and Parliament, for supporting a private sector-led economy.

This decision underscores the power of a free and independent media in driving growth for Uganda. Kudos to NAB’s dedication and teamwork.

Together, we’ve shaped a brighter future for Uganda. Onward, Uganda!



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