Fighting Corruption Together: A Collaborative Effort Between Next Media and Inspector General of Government

The Inspector General of Government, Hon. Beti Kamya, appearing on #NBSMorningBreeze, alongside the brilliant Simon Kaggwa Njala, delved into a matter of utmost importance that affects every Ugandan: the urgent need for corruption victims to recognize their status and take individual action against this pervasive issue. Hon. Beti Kamya emphasized the transformative power of acknowledging […]

A Visit to the Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Anita Among

Cordial relationships with key stakeholders in Next Media’s purpose to Inform to Transform #Uganda are highly important, and I’m glad for the engagement I had with the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Among, this morning at her office to foster this. Among others, We highlighted the importance of responsible reporting, including our need to […]

Asante, Pamela Adongo

Asante sana, Pamela Adongo, for the six-and-a-half years you gave to Next Media serving as our CMO. You are a great part of who we are today and have given us a great foundation for our future. Pamela has been a key figure in our Corporate Social Initiatives in spearheading key campaigns such as ‘Tuve […]