Wakiso Dance Kids to the World

The incredible talent and passion of the Wakiso Dance Kids deserves to be shared with everyone. The Wakiso Dance Group is a dynamic ensemble of 16 passionate individuals aged 2 and a half to 16. Behind the scenes, these young dancers dedicate their Fridays and Saturdays to training and Sundays to shooting skits. Their content, […]

Igniting Collaboration and Driving Innovation with Scanad Uganda

Today was exciting at Next Media as we welcomed the incredible team from Scanad Uganda to the #NextMediaPark. Our meeting was filled with enlightening discussions that delved into our respective brands’ essence and unique offerings. Uncovering the similarities and differences was fascinating, igniting creative ideas for potential collaborations and partnerships. Looking at our longstanding relationship, […]

Exciting Partnership Ahead with Uganda Manufacturers Association

I’m thrilled to share the exciting news that our team had an engaging session today with Dr. Ezra Muhumuza Rubanda, the Executive Director of the Uganda Manufacturers Association, at the #NextMediaPark! The potential for collaboration between our organizations to supercharge the businesses of Uganda Manufacturers Association’s members through powerful marketing strategies has us buzzing with […]

Reflecting on a Transformative Engagement with Next Media’s On-Air Talent

Today, I take a moment to reflect on this morning’s engagement that filled me with immense gratitude and renewed confidence in the remarkable team I lead at Next Media. I hold a quarterly engagement with the various categories of Transformers (this is the name of our staff, derived from our Mission Tagline – We Inform […]

Reinforcing Integrity and Credibility Across Our Content Generation Teams

I addressed our dedicated Content team at Next Media Park. In this meeting, I emphasized the utmost importance of upholding our integrity and safeguarding our credibility. It is our fundamental duty to deliver unbiased news and information to our audience, free from any external influence or manipulation. We highly value the trust we have earned […]

Welcome to the Park, Ms. Jenifer Bamuturaki!

I just wrapped up a productive business meeting with Jenifer Bamuturaki, the Uganda Airlines CEO, discussing potential partnerships and collaborations between our companies. We at the #NextMediaPark are excited to see what the future holds! #NextMediaUG   

2022 BBC Media Leaders’ Conference

Today has marked the close of the 2022 BBC Media Leaders’ Conference, where we have trained and engaged with fellow media groups’ CEOs across Africa to build more resilient media for our continent’s future. I greatly appreciate our partner, BBC. The conference has been quite insightful, especially as it had me, among others, reflect on […]

NBS Sport Broadcasts Tusker Malt Uganda Open Golf Championship

Another great #NextMediaUG milestone has been reached today! Ugandan golf live coverage like it has never been done before, executed by #Uganda-ns! Congratulations to you, our Next Production Outside Broadcast team. I greatly appreciate you, and I’m proud of you!  Uganda’s most prestigious golf tournament, the annual Tusker Malt Uganda Open Golf championship, returned for its […]

Relaunch of the Next Media Culture

“Whatever you do should have the end result of transforming. We need to create a well-nurtured culture that appreciates everyone and enables people to enjoy and think, a culture that prompts people to love the company they work for.” Transforming our society, transforming our country, transforming Africa! This is our goal, and today’s #NextMediaTalks focused on refreshing […]