Celebrating 15 Years of NBS TV: A Journey of Growth and Transformation

Today marks a momentous occasion for Next Media UG as we come together to celebrate the 15th anniversary of NBS TV. It’s a time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on and the remarkable transformation that has shaped us into the dynamic brand we are today. What an extraordinary ride it has been! […]

Igniting Collaboration and Driving Innovation with Scanad Uganda

Today was exciting at Next Media as we welcomed the incredible team from Scanad Uganda to the #NextMediaPark. Our meeting was filled with enlightening discussions that delved into our respective brands’ essence and unique offerings. Uncovering the similarities and differences was fascinating, igniting creative ideas for potential collaborations and partnerships. Looking at our longstanding relationship, […]

Exciting Partnership Ahead with Uganda Manufacturers Association

I’m thrilled to share the exciting news that our team had an engaging session today with Dr. Ezra Muhumuza Rubanda, the Executive Director of the Uganda Manufacturers Association, at the #NextMediaPark! The potential for collaboration between our organizations to supercharge the businesses of Uganda Manufacturers Association’s members through powerful marketing strategies has us buzzing with […]

Exploring Exciting Collaborations: My Visit to Azam Media

This morning, I had the privilege of meeting with Abubakar Bin Bakhresa, the Executive Director at Bakhresa Group, which owns Azam Media, among other entities. Our meeting was incredible as we delved into the realm of collaboration opportunities and discussed some truly fantastic initiatives we can undertake together. Following our fruitful discussion, I had the […]

Partnering for a Malaria-Free Uganda: My Productive Meeting with Key Stakeholders

I have just had an incredibly productive meeting with the leadership and key stakeholders of the Malaria Free Uganda Board. We discussed actionable proposals on how Malaria Free Uganda, the Ecobank Foundation, and #NextMediaUG can partner in the Zero Malaria by 2030 campaign. The meeting’s focus was on how we can work together to, among […]

Reflections on our Success: Highlights from Next Media’s Q1 Board Meeting

Candid conversations about what worked or what didn’t here at #NextMediaUG were the bulk of my activity when we held our Q1 Board Meeting. One standout win for me was the digital realignment efforts we undertook towards the end of 2022. Engaging our people digitally accounted for a great percentage of the extensive training and […]

CEO SUMMIT Apprenticeship Program 2023 at the Next Media Park

Today, I spoke to fellow C-suite leaders at a CEO Summit Uganda Apprenticeship Program 2023 session at the #NextMediaPark. Challenges and insights on leading change, plus transformation initiatives, were discussed. Always great to learn from and connect with fellow leaders! The CEO Summit is where growth-oriented corporates challenge, effectuate and expound transformation. This platform uniquely […]

Welcome to the Next Media Park, Aamito.

This morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Aamito Lagum, winner of the first ‘Africa’s Next Top Model.’ My team gave her a #NextMediaTours experience before we had a great conversation about her work and how #NextMediaUG can support her endeavours. #NextMediaUG #NextMediaPark      

Official Launch of our forever home, Next Media Park

The Next Media journey to-date is also very much about the viewers, listeners, readers and partners that have tremendously consumed our products over the years. Thank you! We promise you even more informative, transformational and engaging content from the #NextMediaPark. I thank all of you that have reached out to congratulate us on the milestone […]